Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Jckson's restaurant

The note

Everything has started yesterday morning when i woke up:) There was a note from my dear hubby waiting for me in the kitchen( look at the pic). So i did as the note said. At 6.15 we left the house but i still didn't know where we were going but if my husband wears a fancy shoes - it should be something very special:)))

After 40 minutes of drive i found myself at the door of one of the most fancy restaurants in Perth. It's small, not many tables, so if u want to dine there Friday-Sunday you have to book like 3-4 months ahead.
And this restaurant was Jackson's. One word- "amazing"!!!!

This was one of the most amazing things i've ever had!!!!
I don't quite remember everything the waitress told about it... But it was very very tasty!!!
Cones with a light anchovy flavour  with persian feta, mascarpone and olive tapenade. This all that i remember... A beautiful ice cream with  such a deep and rich flavour!!!!

I am a big seafood fan!!!!  Prawn cocktail, sichuan flavour was my pick. The prawns were good but that salad underneath left me speechless!!!
My husband has ordered stilton bread & butter pudding, braised oxtail & beef cheek. I am a weirdo in our family, only i eat ox tang, livers, kidneys and stuff... But my hubby loved it:))
I adore rabbit!!! So baldivis rabbit loin, crispy belly, confit leg, mustard & carrot was a "yes" from me:)
See i really liked that:)))

As a sides we had cos leaves, parmesan dressing and potato mash, truffle oil & pancetta. I dont know if it will be fair  to say that this mash was the tastiest one i have ever had...But it was!!! 
Amelia park lamb, ratatouille, boulangere potato, olive gravy. And again!!! I don't really like lamb. But that one piece that my husband secretly passed to me just melted in my mouth... 

For a dessert we both had salted caramel napoleon, banana & passion fruit... What can i say... every detail was perfect.

P.S. Total bill was $214( soft drinks and wine included)

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