Sunday, 22 April 2012

my aystralian life

I have already mentioned Wanneroo market few times in my posts, but what i didn't tell you that this market is open only from Friday to Sunday. Stupid, i know!!! Everyone knows but the management of the market!!!
But we (locals) don't very care cause we have this!!!!
Yeh, i know, you will tell it's the same, but it's not:) Confusing.... noooo:))) This is "Spud shed". It's just on the market's territory. It's amazing!!! And it's the cheapest place to buy the groceries too:))

So here are some pictures that i was taking while shopping- another piece of my australian life:))


It's not a supermarket- it's just a place where we can buy fresh products straight from the locals farm and i love it!!! We all  do:)!!!

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